Bank Communications and Records Received

Bank Communications by Wayne Gronquist

     1. Chase Bank

              a) 11-4-2008 - Letter to Chase Bank from Wayne Gronquist - attachment with missing Annuities - Chase Bank Checks deposited found notes by Wayne Gronquist while at bank on Dec 10, 2008 with Alan Hamilton, Marjorie Miller and Chase VP Aaron Dominguez (in bank binder)

              b) Chase Bank - 1-2005 to 10-2005 - pgs 1-26 - Sylvia Hamilton withdrawals from Maurine Hamilton account

              c) Chase Bank - 11-2005 to 10-2006 - pgs 1-46 - Sylvia Hamilton withdrawals from Maurine Hamilton account

              d) Chase Bank - 11-2006 to 1-2007 - pgs 1-6 and receipts - Sylvia Hamilton withdrawals from Maurine Hamilton account

              e) Chase Bank IRA acct - 1-2006 (2004Renewal) to 11-2007 - Sylvia Hamilton closes Maurine Hamiltons IRA (POD?) - but money came from MutualofOmaha annuity

             Total funds withdrawn by Sylvia Hamilton from Maurine Hamilton's Chase Bank account: add it up-mcm -about $250,000

      2. Sylvia Hamilton's bank account records (copy of check Alan wrote to Wayne to do this plus other bank records plus letters with no letterhead and no records received besides DOD balance) - NEVER RECEIVED - copy of letters promising them

Bank Communications by Alan and Marjie

     2. Randolph Brooks Federal Credit Union ($315,840.20 total RBFCU funds transferred from Maurine Hamilton to Sylvia Hamilton's account)

     3. Yoakum Bank (bank accounts and safe deposit box found empty (gold and silver coins))

             Sylvia said she lost the key, made us pay $200 to have the key drilled open at the bank, requiring months of communication with the bank manager and the lock smith, a few trips to the bank in Yoakum, Texas and discussions with John Cowan at the Farm house who looked for the safe deposit box key after descriptions from the bank manager, being required to get a new Letters Testamentary for the bank attorney (less than 6 months old), and then all to find, the safe deposit box was empty. Very funny Sylvia. May you laugh in jail. (July-Oct 2009)

     4. Bank of America (have not responded to our letters requesting bank records: 11-19-2010 letter-Armondo 1st visit, Letter2-Blond-manager visit,called BofA customer support who said to contact legal dept)

   $315,000 + 250,000 = $565,000 accounted for, about $750,000 stolen in annuities alone, so more than $200,000 still unaccounted for, just from the stolen annuities. There was also about $200,000 in cash in the bank accounts to start with in 2004, when Alfred Hamilton died. (2003 1040 $2300 1099 total interest. If 1% interest, balance = $200,000 in interest collecting bank accounts).

     Nor have we had access to Sylvia Hamilton's bank records, in order to figure out where the money went to from her account.

 Bank work Spreedsheets by Marjie