US Supreme Court (SCOTUS) Appeal Documents

(Under Construction - in orange)

SCOTUS Appeal-single doc with TCDC Letter - 10_18_2016_TCDC_Letter_singleDoc_re_filing-TSC-stamped - paper filing to US Supreme Court on 9/14/2016, completed single document electronic "greefiling" on 10/18/2016, per request of TCDC, enforcing same rule they do not follow.

Note: click on document to download, then:

1) search for Blake to find all Blake Hawthorne refs (Texas Supreme Court Clerk (TSC), who wrote the book on electronic filing. (screenshot here - pages ?mcm in document)

2) search for "KXAN" to see KXAN Investigative Team reference in Texas and US Supreme Court filings. (screenshot here - pages ?mcm in document)

3) search for TCDC (mcm-specific pg link) for enforcement of rule they don't follow, same rule we are asking US Supreme Court to enforce on TCDC (Travis County District Clerk). (screenshot here - pages ?mcm in document)

Other court documents:

1) TCDC (since it's "lawyers only" public-access at TCDC, we have attempted to recreate the electronic document listings at ).

2) 13COA (link to our 13COA docket page - 13COA does doesn't post all docs, again, attempting to recreate at ).

3) TSC (link to our TSC docket page)

4) SCOTUS docket page link here. SCOTUS is presently still paper-filings only, although DVDs were provided to them with original 4 separate electronic documents combined above as single document, per request of TCDC to follow rule we are asking US Supreme Court to ask the TCDC Clerk to follow, ironically.

original US Supreme Court (SCOTUS) 9/14/2016 paper filings, included on DVD, as 4 separate files, combined into a single file above, per TCDC request to follow rule it does not follow.