Evolution of Maurine Hamilton's signature

Nothing happened to Maurine Hamilton in 2004, except she moved in with her daughter Sylvia Hamilton.

No medical conditions warranting a hospital stay.

And yet her signature changes drastically from a straight across the line and long width signature to

an irratically up and down and short width signature

(updated: 3-12-2013 adding 2nd IRS check comparison document)


1) Dec 1996, May 2003, Jan 2004, Aug 2004, Oct 2004 Maurine Hamilton signatures and supposed signatures - (50% printout-scan-pdf for 2 page comparison). (Full size)

2) IRS check comparisons: Jan 2004 IRS check (Maurine Hamilton perfectly capable of writing check herself) vs July 2004 IRS checks

faster load but smaller - Maurine Hamilton IRS checks signature compare-6 months apart.pdf

Note: Danny Davila-Bold Block Handwriting, with Maurine Hamilton's supposed signature, most likely a forgery by Sylvia Hamilton.

Unlawful Notary article :<wink-wink-notarization>: a document or check written out, for someone to take home, for someone else to sign...at another place or time...supposedly...

Both attorneys we have used in Austin employed the practice of notarizing in advance, "since we were all there", no matter how much we protested that we wanted to come back and sign it AFTER the document was finished and no matter how nervous the notary got. "Notarization-by-Convenience" seems to be common practice.