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2004 1040 filed - 74 pages

2004 1040 Amended - 31 pages

2005 1040 - 25 pages

2006 1040 - 29 pages

manila envelope from Wayne Gronquist via Sylvia Hamilton via Danny Davila - 2 pages

Sylvia Hamilton's 2004-2006 Taxes most likely fraudulent, as the stolen $800,000+ was not subtracted from Maurine Hamilton's Fraudulent 1040, so it probably was not added to Sylvia Hamilton's taxes.

also see: Hamilton Tax Webpage (has 2002, 2003 tax docs and CPA Danny Davila email communications as well)


Embezzled 2004 Estate-Trust Taxes filed under mother's 459-20-2593 & father's 458-24-4617 SS #s when it was an Irrevocable Trust-1041 after spouse's death. No 1041s-K1s-4684s. The Disappearing Trust Trick.

Note: 2003 Extracts showing "filing as surviving spouse" and 1099s showing "Trust" on them, shows Danny Davila, as a CPA, PFS, CRC (and MPA his card says even), would certainly know that a Revocable Trust becomes Irrevocable on the death of the first spouse and requires a new EIN with a 1041 Trust filing and K-1s sent to the beneficiaries. But instead, his billing records show, he filed tax extensions after the embezzlement until Maurine Hamilton's death on Oct 6, 2006, and then filed fraudulent 1040 taxes in 2008 to cover up the embezzlement of the Trust.

The 2003 tax extracts also clearly show that Maurine Hamilton "was not broke", as Danny Davila claimed was the reason he got the early-release of the Annuities. It is also why Danny Davila and Sylvia Hamilton would not give a copy of the 2003 taxes to Alan Hamilton as requested. It clearly shows Maurine Hamilton had $2024 in taxable interest, which at 1% means there was about $200,000 cash in the bank accounts alone, and a total income of $225,000 in 2003, without touching her Mutual of Omaha Annuity Principal at all. Maurine Hamilton was very well off, with $66,000/yr in planned retirement income ($26,000 social security, $40,000 interest from the Annuities), with no mortgage payments either, her real estate totally paid off. She even had long-term health care insurance, and had requested to go to a nursing home, just before being found dead in Sylvia Hamilton's care.

After the 2004 fraudulent taxes were filed in late 2008, Danny Davila actually prepared the 2004 Amended 1040 tax return, which transferred one of the stolen annuities to Sylvia, in order to transfer the tax to Sylvia "since she stole the money anyways". The 2004 Amended 1040 was then delivered to Alan Hamilton to sign on March 13, 2009, 9 months after the embezzlement confession. On Oct 16, 2008, Alan Hamilton had requested very clearly via email, that Danny Davila do the Trust taxes, but instead received an 2004 Amended 1040 "which reduced the Estate tax to zero by transferring the stolen IRA annuity to Sylvia's taxes". No 1041, no K-1s, no 4684 Theft-Loss report to IRS. Not even a Gift tax on the stolen money. No mention of missing Trust at all. Nada. Quotes are from Danny Davila's explanation of his new 2004 Amended Taxes on the phone.

He was trying to fudge the taxes to cover up the embezzlement, not caring that Alan Hamilton no longer had any retirement due to Danny Davila's bizarre fiduciary actions, to say the least.

The 2004 Amended 1040 was Danny Davila self-appointed embezzlement compromise. With his added comment, "Police never investigate these kinds of things", backing up his reasoning.

The tax files below are printed out for the IRS from, and put in the "Fraudulent Taxes Binder-Sylvia Hamilton and Danny Davila,CPA", delivered with the 211/3949A and the "IRS Evidence Binder" attachments.