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Evidence of Tax Fraud and Evasion, in order to cover up, The Embezzlement of the Alfred and Maurine P. Hamilton Estate/Trust

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Hamilton Estate Tax Files Webpage

Hamilton Tax Webpage - In chronological order of Tax Year

(see also - in order of evidence discovery in IRS Evidence Binder TOC-section 4 and IRS Tax Summary-section 3 and Fraudulent Taxes Webpage)

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Note: These are the tax records we have been able to collect from the past.

To see the corrected taxes and reports to the IRS of Tax Fraud by Successor Executor and Trustee Alan Hamilton, see the IRS Communications page.

1) Taxes obtained finally that were done by Dorothy Milek, the family accountant for as long as anyone can remember. Notice consistent reference to the Trust in the 1099s and tax reciepts in bundle 1 and bundle 3. Danny Davila is a CPA and would clearly see that a Trust was invloved in doing the taxes. Yet there is no mention of a Trust in any of the Tax documents which were prepared by Danny Davila, nor any K-1s filed for the Trust, which became an Irrevocable Trust on Alfred's death on 4/8/2004. No principal is allowed to be withdrawn from an Irrevocable Trust, the remaining spouse lives off the income of the Trust so that the "married couple's estate is not taxed twice", before being passed on to the children. The annual income from the Hamilton Family Trust was $40,000/year and increasing. Called an "A/B Trust" by Wayne, a "QTIP" or "generation-skipping" trust elsewhere on the web (e.g. Basic death tax planning 101 according to different tax websites on net. Why did the CPA and estate lawyers act like they didn't know what was going on and try to attempt to hide and aid the embezzlement? They even had the nerve to charge money to hide the evidence.

Date Requested and from whom: Repeatedly requested since August 26, 2008, in writing to Sylvia Hamilton, Danny Davila and Wayne Gronquist.

Dated Received and from whom: Finally received ... in orange bag ... on Oct 28, 2009....from Sylvia

   Alfred and Maurine Hamilton 2002 Taxes by Dorothy Milek - 12 pages

         Farm deductions - bundle 1 - 40 pages

         Rental Property - bundle 2 - 44 pages

         Worksheets and 1099 Statements - bundle 3 - 39 pages

         1099s separated - bundle 4 - 9 pages

2) Alan Hamilton's taxes were always done with the Hamilton Family taxes, by Dorothy Milek, until Alfred Hamilton's death on April 8, 2004, when Sylvia switched to a new CPA, Danny Davila. Notice detailed documentation and receipts by Maurine of Alan's real estate work, which are non-existent in the 2003 taxes done by Danny Davila. If Maurine was really ever did taxes with Danny Davila, why would she all of the sudden not do her taxes like she had in 2002 and earlier, and discuss the 2004 Irrevocable Trust taxes as she had taken so much time to carefully set up with Dorothy Milek in 2001? Notice as well in the 2002 taxes, that Alfred and Maurine Hamilton were a Military family, and even paid their quarterly tax payments on time. Maurine Hamilton put her Life Insurance for which she qualified in 2002, in Alan and Sylvia's name, so she would not be taxed after her death. And Danny Davila says that Maurine Hamilton said she was broke and needed to withdraw all her annuities at once, while incurring $36,000 in extra taxes for 2004, and then filed tax extensions until her death two years later. In examining the 2002 taxes, it is clear that Alfred and Maurine Hamilton had lots of money, filed their taxes promptly and that it would out of character to file extensions and not complete needed paperwork.

Alan Hamilton 2000 Taxes by Dorothy Milek - 17 pages

Alan Hamilton 2001 Taxes by Dorothy Milek - 11 pages

Alan Hamilton 2002 Taxes by Dorothy Milek - 28 pages

Embezzlement and Cover Up Begins - Fraudulent tax returns filed in 2008 by Sylvia Hamilton and Danny Davila for 2004-2006 tax years

No Annual Reports, K-1s ever received. Bank records obtained to date, show Estate and Maurine Hamilton's bank accounts were emptied in 2004-2006 right before she was found dead in Sylvia Hamilton's care. Danny Davila moved the money from Mutual of Omaha to the Bank accounts. Brad Seals engineered the avoidance of Probate. Wayne Gronquist also refused to use Probate Court beginning in 2006 and began recommending not contacting the IRS in June 2006, as Alan began to probe deeper into Sylvia's dealings, until Waybe strangely and suddenly threatened Alan with losing his Executorship in 2009 if he didn't sign Danny and Sylvia's fraudulent 2004-2006 tax returns, which Alan refused to do.

3. On April 14, 2009, Alan Hamilton and Marjorie Miller went to Danny Davila's office and were allowed to copy Danny Davila's "Hamilton Tax File". In it, the 2003 Taxes were found, which Danny Davila had repeatedly said he didn't have a copy of when we requested to see the 2003 taxes. Danny Davila was hired by Sylvia Hamilton after Alfred Hamilton's death in April 2004. Dorothy Milek had been doing the Hamilton Family taxes for longer than Alan can remember. Dorothy Milek also did the Hamilton Family Wills and Trust. Notice there are no K-1s though the Will clearly put everything into an Irrevocable Trust. In 2005, after being told by his sister that Danny Davila was the "new family accountant", Alan Hamilton called Danny Davila and asked for his Annual Report statements for the Trust, which should include K-1s. Alan Hamilton could not do his taxes without the K-1s. Danny Davila told Alan Hamilton that he had not spoken to Sylvia or Maurine Hamilton in a couple of years. The 2004 billing reports from Danny Davila, that we finally received on April 15, 2009, after repeated requests, say that Danny Davila charged $35 per year from 2005 on, to file tax deadline extensions for the Hamilton Estate.

Date Requested: Many times since Aug 26, 2008 tax meeting with attorney and Sylvia Hamilton, and 9/10/2008 meeting with CPA, Danny Davila.

Date Received: 4/14/2009, 2003 taxes shorter filed version, found in Danny Davila's Hamilton Folder after copying, then longer client version of 2003 taxes (with more bundles) was delivered "in the orange bag" by Sylvia on Oct 28, 2009, which is the one we scanned and uploaded.

Alfred and Maurine Hamilton 2003 Taxes-1040 and forms - 52 pages

Alfred and Maurine Hamilton 2003 Taxes - bundle 1 - 1099s - 57 pages

Alfred and Maurine Hamilton 2003 Taxes - bundle 2 - 55 pages

The two 2003 Extracts below show the events needed to trigger 2004 1041 Trust transition with K-1 distributions. Danny Davila, with CPA, PFS, CRC and even MPA, on his card, knows this all to well.

2003 1040 Extracts showing "filing as surviving spouse" , by Danny Davila and Sylvia Hamilton

2003 1099 Extracts showing "Trust" on the 1099s , by Danny Davila and Sylvia Hamilton

Fraudulent taxes below:

4. Ticker Tape of stolen Annuities from Danny Davila on Sept 10, 2008

5. Alan Hamilton's email request to Danny Davila to do Trust taxes on Oct 16, 2008

6. Danny Davila's 12/4/2008 payment demand response to Alan Hamilton's request to see taxes CPA Davila prepared with Sylvia Hamilton

To see all CPA Danny Davila email communications with Alan Hamilton, and a phone message, see Danny Davila Communications Webpage.

7. Alfred and Maurine Hamilton 2004 Taxes - 74 pages - filed by Danny Davila and Sylvia Hamilton in late 2008 - Fraudulent

8. Taxes below delivered on March 13, 2009 from Danny Davila via Sylvia Hamilton via Wayne Gronquist below:

Alfred and Maurine Hamilton 2004 Amended Taxes - 31 pages - proposed by Danny Davila and Sylvia Hamilton - Fraudulent

Maurine Hamilton 2005 Taxes - 25 pages - proposed by Danny Davila and Sylvia Hamilton - Fraudulent

Maurine Hamilton 2006 Taxes - 29 pages - proposed by Danny Davila and Sylvia Hamilton - Fraudulent

manila delivery envelope from Wayne Gronquist via Sylvia via Danny - 2 pages

Also see Fraudulent Taxes Webpage

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