There is no Perfect Crime...only the Perfect Victim...the Elderly...with no law enforcement to be found...

Evidence of Tax Fraud and Evasion, in order to cover up, The Embezzlement of the Alfred and Maurine P. Hamilton Estate/Trust

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Evidence Tables Quicklinks

Evidence Tables Quicklinks for Law Enforcement Agencies

1) Austin Police Communications Webpage with Police Report and original Exhibits

2) DAEvidenceTable - proves embezzlement (also see DA Communications Webpage)

3) IRSEvidenceTableSort1- proves tax fraud/money laundering (also see IRS Communications Webpage)

4) IRSEvidenceTableSort2 - proves fraudulent concealment (chronological sort)

5) What Really Happened ...the easy read...chronologically speaking..."The Disappearing Trust Trick"...

6) How to Steal an Annuity (

7) Danny Davila Summary Judgment Evidence Tables (short spreadsheet (no links), long spreadsheet (with links), SJ Text (pdf), Coomer-lawyer webpage)

8) Sylvia Hamilton Summary Judgment Evidence Table (Under Construction)

9) Sylvia Hamilton Recordings (Under Construction-timemarker spreadsheet still needs to be finished)

10) Other accomplice suspects: Gina Andro, Brad Seals