There is no Perfect Crime...only the Perfect Victim...the Elderly...with no law enforcement to be found...

Evidence of Tax Fraud and Evasion, in order to cover up, The Embezzlement of the Alfred and Maurine P. Hamilton Estate/Trust

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DA Binder Contents (Table of Contents for 3-ring binder included with Request to Investigate) - submitted on 9/14/2012 to Travis County DA's Office

IRS Binder Contents (submitted on 4/1/2013 to IRS WhistleBlowers Office and Travis County DAs Office)

  1. The “DA Binder part”, which proves the embezzlement and was submitted to the Travis County DA on Sept 14, 2012.
  2. The “IRS Binder part”, which proves the tax fraud and evasion in order to coverup the embezzlement.

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Connected lawsuit filings:

Sylvia Hamilton, Lawsuit filed 9-7-2012 (sent to DA's Office with DA Binder on 9-14-2012)

Daniel Davila III, MPA,CPA-PFS,CRC, Lawsuit filed on 4-12-2013 (sent to DA's Office via email to Det Billy Petty on 5/8/2013)

Links to law enforcement only - Evidence which may compromise the investigation:
1) Mutual of Omaha letter saying Maurine wasn't there-just Davila and Sylvia-8-9-2004
2) IRS Binder webpage-Gina Andro section - Gina-Sonia psychic page, BeenVerified address-phone number page (Gina Andro section in IRS Binder) -see "Possible Connection" - Sylvia Marks-Rose Marks connection with Florida-NY fortune teller fraud bust article below
3) $250,000-"Allan" in Davila's handwriting doc - (as well as Exhibits C and N2 already given to APD Police, and Mutual of Omaha letters-Exhibits G, H, I, M3, K)
4) Sylvia Hamilton phone recordings (via Sylvia Hamilton Communications webpage)

Reality Show "The Interrogators" related interrogation techniques webpage-video links

Florida Fortune Teller Accused Of $25 Million Fraud-Rose Marks - Nancy Marks in NY and Sylvia Marks in South Carolina? see "Police Mag" article below for "Marks" family connection relationships|main5|dl22|sec1_lnk3%26pLid%3D365204

National Association of Bunco Investigators
Exposing Exploitation/ Safeguarding Our Seniors

Gypsies: Kings of Con - Police Magazine article

found with "Sylvia Marks psychic" search on web - Sylvia Marks is listed as a "Possible Connection" of Gina Andro by IRS Binder webpage-Gina Andro section)
Nancy Marks arrested along with 9 other "family" members for Psychic fraud - related to Sylvia Marks-Gina Andro connection
Question for Defense lawyer: is tax evasion part of their religious rights too? Ask Al Capone.

**** old notes below *** under de-construction *** all contents in DA Binder now above

Letter from Austin Police Dept Detective Rhodes from Travis County DAs Office asking for all the evidence for Police Case #: 09-2460910 to be submitted again, with a formal notarized DAs Office form. We created website in order to assist with sharing of the large number of evidence documents by many parties.

Notarized and submitted "Request to Investigate" form to Travis County DAs Office with copy of 9-7-2012 civil lawsuit cause # (get from Jason Coomer)

Sylvia Hamilton Chase Bank withdrawals extracted from Chase Bank Report on Maurine Hamilton's account (about $250,000 withdrawn by Sylvia Hamilton or transferred to her account)

Randolph-Brooks withdrawals ($315,840.20 transferred from Maurine Hamilton to Sylvia Hamilton's account)

$750,000 (annuities stolen) - $565,000 (ChaseBank + RBFCU) + $200,000 (in bank accts-2003 IRS 1099-INTs=$2300) = $400,000 still untraced

see Police Report  and Embezzlement Flowchart/TimeLine pages

Sylvia Hamilton withdrawals from Maurine Hamilton bank accounts spreadsheet