There is no Perfect Crime...only the Perfect Victim...the Elderly...with no law enforcement to be found...

Evidence of Tax Fraud and Evasion, in order to cover up, The Embezzlement of the Alfred and Maurine P. Hamilton Estate/Trust

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Hamilton Estate Embezzlement Flow Chart Webpage

Embezzlement Flow Chart (for more detail see Police Report and Hamilton TimeLine spreadsheet)

April 8, 2004 - Alfred Hamilton died

Embezzlement Begins


1. June 7, 2004

Brad Seals email to Danny Davila  -- little old lady, spouse died, get her annuities plan. And yet, illegal to remove principal from irrevocable trust, which both the lawyer and the CPA learned in school?

2. August 6, 2004

Revocation of DPOA of Alan by sister and her new CPA, Danny Davila.

Alan's name spelled wrong by his mother supposedly, and of course, no Notification of Revocation of DPOA to Alan. That would be notifying the person being robbed. Unlike the DPOA recorded at the County Clerks Office, which required 2 doctors certifications, this new DPOA did not require any doctors certifications, and Danny Davila replaced Alan as Sylvia's backup.  This is called the forged 2004 Sylvia and Danny DPOA.

3. October, 8, 2004
Danny Davila letter demanding early release of annuities. Said the only reason he was able to do it was cause he had a license. Annuities release form asks for the signature of the irrevocable beneficiary, which was Alan. Danny Davila again did not inform Alan, nor ask for his signature on this document.

Coverup Begins


4. In January 2005, after finally getting the new Estate CPA out of Sylvia, Alan calls Danny Davila and asks him for his Trust Annual Report paperwork. Danny says he hasn't talked to Sylvia or Maurine in a couple of years and does not know what the status is.

In June 2005, Alan calls Mutual of Omaha to check on things. Mutual of Omaha faxes Alan current insurance policy values, but makes no mention of any other changes to the annuity accounts of which he is a named beneficiary. Danny Davila tells Alan that he hasn't talk to Sylvia and Maurine in a couple of years, and didn't know anything about the status of the Estate.


5. Alan goes to Adult Protective Services  (May 2006) and lawyer Wayne Gronquist  (6-4-06) for help. Wayne Gronquist does not get annual report for Alan, does not file any probate requests, tells Alan not to go to IRS, gets $4000 check from Sylvia with no paperwork. Mother found dead at Sylvia's 4 months later.


6. Alan and Marjie meet in April 2006 at a Barbeque Joint. In 2007, Marjie moves into Alan's house and starts listening to Alan's stories of things that had been happening since his dad died with the Estate. As Marjie was programming the software for the website during this period, it made the subject of incorrect accounting of money ironic.

Discovery and Probate Begins finally - repeatedly requested in 2005, 2006 and 2007 by Alan Hamilton to Wayne Gronquist and Danny Davila and Sylvia Hamilton


7.  8-26-08  - Marjie helps Alan write letter to Sylvia about the Estate Farm Property oil lease and the state of the taxes, setting up an appointment with Wayne Gronquist. Alan and Sylvia each get half of the $6000 signing bonus and half the oil lease royalties. Sylvia stays after meeting and confesses to Wayne that she stole $800,000 in annuities from the Estate, but she would pay Alan back. She has never paid him a cent and has continued to embezzle more of the Estate with Danny Davila, after her confession.

Marjie helps Alan do a event-date spreadsheet of all his stories, and all becomes clear, rather than a jumble of events.

Marjie implements new rules. All communication will be in writing. Too many strange stories. As it turns out, we now have many strange stories, but at least they are all in writing. Otherwise they would be unbelievable.

On Oct 28, 2008, the Estate enters Probate Court and Alan finally becomes Executor of the Estate. In Nov and Dec 2008, Wayne Gronquist very efficiently gets the bank records from Chase Bank and discovers the funneling of all the money from the Estate Mutual of Omaha Annuities and Maurine's bank accounts to Sylvia's bank accounts. We had high hopes that all would be wrapped up quickly.


8. In probate finally, as the Executor, Alan's attempts of Discovery of fraud details are strangely blocked by Sylvia, Danny Davila, Wayne Gronquist, and Mutual of Omaha, the very professionals being paid to bring out the truth of what happened, and to file the appropriate taxes, which Danny Davila the DPOA backup for Sylvia, never does the taxes for the Estate, though he files extensions, and never contacts Alan. Danny Davila signed DPOA to assume responsibility of DPOA duties if Sylvia failed to perform, in their forged 2004 Sylvia and Danny DPOA. Danny Davila filed tax extensions for Hamilton Estate, according to his 2004 billing that we finally received on April 15, 2009, after many requests beginning in Sept 2008, so he was aware the duties were not being performed by Sylvia and did nothing about it.

Alan Hamilton filed Police Report in May 2009 and spoke with DA Detective about case in Sept 2009. Alan Hamilton told to acquire rest of evidence for case, including bank records which the crooks refused to give him, and get back to the DA Detective and then they'd think about prosecuting them.


9. Plan: Civil Cases, Breach of Fiduciary Duty and recovery of stolen Estate Assets.

Done: Real Estate transfers, Oil Lease renewal and pipeline utility easement request. Attempts to get Annual Reports/Bank Records from Sylvia and records from Wayne Gronquist/Probate Court responsibilities. Large files and immense quantities of Evidence/Document storage/retrieval needs designed and built at by Alan Hamilton's wife, Marjorie Miller. She is luckily a software engineer for 30 years with a degree in Math and Physics and author of the accounting software at Marjorie helps Alan scan, categorize, display contradictory evidence for authorities on a website.

Reports then filed with FINRA and SEC, referencing evidence at Document distribution problem became evident while attempting to send evidence to a Tax Whistleblower attorney in April 2010. We have been scanning in documents every weekend ever since, and hope that by working on New Year's Day and Eve, this will finally be filed. It has been an exhausting year long project since the beginning of the year. We wanted to finish it with the year, so here it is. Happy New Year.

Still to do: Criminal cases, embezzlement and tax fraud. Government/Regulatory Agencies/FINRA/SEC/IRS/DA/Texas Department of Insurance (TDI)I/FBI/IRS,Attorney General.


10. Plan: Filing of actual taxes for Estate, with 1041 Trust and K-1 forms and theft and loss forms. Tax returns filed by Danny Davila and Sylvia Hamilton are fraudulent. They do not mention the $800,000 theft from the estate or the Trust and K-1 forms required to be given to Alan Hamilton for the years 2003-2008.


Sylvia, Wayne, Danny and Mutual of Omaha, all acted like they did not know what Alan was talking about when he said "Those were funds invested at about 5% annually. which produced an annual income of $40,000/year available to the family at any time extra funds were needed, and reinvested usually, as the money was not needed. Since my mother's death in 2006, I was supposed to receive half the interest, $20,000, to live on, and have not received a penny, and have been living in poverty while attempting to get what was left to me by my mother and father. The projected value of the Estate when the Mutual of Omaha Annuities matured in 2017 was about $2 million ($800,000x.05=$40,000/yr. 2004 to 2017=13 yrs, so $40,000 x 13 = 400,000+120,000=520,000 interest due to Estate in 2017. So actual value stolen form Estate: $800,000+$520,000=$1,300,000." Alan has said this over and over, and was treated by all the professionals, the lawyer, the CPA, and Mutual of Omaha personel, like they didn't know what he was talking about. And billed him over $20,000 for all their coverup work, instead of discovery work, which Alan thought he was paying for.


Proper closing of the Hamilton Estate in Probate Court.