There is no Perfect Crime...only the Perfect Victim...the Elderly...with no law enforcement to be found...

Evidence of Tax Fraud and Evasion, in order to cover up, The Embezzlement of the Alfred and Maurine P. Hamilton Estate/Trust

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re: The embezzlement of the Maurine P Hamilton Estate-Trust, and coverup with Fraudulent taxes, perpetrated by Sylvia Hamilton, Previous Trustee, and CPA Danny Davila

Proof of Money Laundering, Tax fraud and evasion (and other assorted sordid crimes):

IRS Criminal Investigation Binder (submitted to IRS on 3/28/2013)

Proof of Embezzlement:

Travis County District Attorney (DA) Investigation Binder (submitted to DA on 9-14-2012)

Embezzlement/Tax Fraud Investigation Quick Links:

A Rare Look inside the IRS Office of Professional Responsibility article from IRS website

see Tax docs page for fraudulent 1040 taxes, which should have been 1041s for the Trust which was embezzled.

see Trust and Will docs page for Hamilton Trust details

see Bank records page and Sylvia Hamilton's withdrawals from Maurine Hamilton's bank accounts condensed into 19 pages

and Sylvia Hamilton withdrawals from Maurine Hamilton bank accounts spreadsheet


Corrected (i.e. Non-Fraudulent) taxes need to be done by new CPA, as listed below:

1. Corrected 2004 fraudulent 1040 to a Hamilton Trust 1041 with K-1s (with $800,000 embezzlement reported vs planned $40,000/year K-1 payment to Maurine Hamilton for life guaranteed)

      Since embezzled to insolvency by Sylvia Hamilton, the 2004 Hamilton Trust 1041 will be it's first and last filing. 2004 K-1s should go to beneficiaries showing a total loss. (IRS Form 4684?)

2. Corrected 2004 1040 for Maurine with only $25,000 Social Security (with $800,000 in embezzled money removed vs without planned $40,000 annuity interest = $65,000/year for life guaranteed. Plus Long-term care insurance paid up for nursing home that she had requested to go to before ending up dead in care of Trust embezzler in Oct 2006)

3. Corrected 2005, 2006 1040s for Maurine Hamilton as needed. If embezzlement completed in 2004 (by annuities theft amount instead of bank records), 2005 and 2006 1040s as done should reflect accurate social security payments, just not embezzlement losses as shown in bank records.

4.  2006 1041 for Maurine P Hamilton Estate (final Estate for deceased).

Children Alan and Sylvia Hamilton were supposed to split the Hamilton Trust's annual interest of $40,000/year ($20,000/year each) for their own retirement after the passing of their parents. Standard A-B-C-Trust Estate Planning for tax advantages outlined in now irrevocable Hamilton Trust (after death of first spouse). Danny Davila dismantled all of this with his annuicide withdrawal of all the annuity money with an early release to Sylvia Hamilton with the 2004 DPOA by Danny Davila.

As a beneficiary of the now insolvent Hamilton Trust, Alan Hamilton needs his Hamilton Trust K-1s from 2004 on, to report his lost retirement distributions/annuities to the IRS on his taxes as well.