District Attorney (DA) Binder - Table of Contents

(3-ring Binder of documents sent to Travis County DA's Office by certified mail on 9-14-2012)

(webpages below refer to www.ProBaitCourt.com where all the scanned evidence is being stored for ease of sharing a large number of large documents, the modis operandi of this case)

Section 1 of Binder (front section):

1) Request to Investigate

2) List of Attachments in 3-ring binder with Request to Investigate

3) Letters Testamentary for Alan Hamilton, Executor of the Maurine P Hamilton Estate/Trust

4) 9-22-2009 letter from Detective David Rhodes of the Travis County DA's Office White Collar Crime Unit requesting all the evidence of Police Case #:09-2460910, to be resent to the Police Department via snail mail, with a notarized Request to Investigate, BEFORE they would act on our crime tip of Elder Financial Abuse. In 2 years, over $1 million dollars missing, and then the suspicious death of an elderly lady while in the care of the person who stole the million dollars. We had already submitted the bank records to the police via email on 5-22-2009, along with other evidence, and a detailed typed and formatted police report to clearly explain things. We thought. Detective Rhodes called on the phone on about 9-19-2009, and refused to give an email address to us. He also did not include an email address or card with his contact information on it, as our friends showed us from other police detectives that they had spoken with on different cases. He did mention the crime called "misappropriation" though.

In 1st tab section of binder labeled "Police Report":

5) District Attorney's Office Communications webpage

6) Austin Police Communications webpage

7) Embezzlement Flow Chart

8) 5-22-2009 Police Report that is assigned Case #:09-2460910 by Austin Police Department Officer Matt Jones Badge #4494

9) Hamilton Estate TimeLine - 5-15-2009

In 2nd tab section of binder labeled "Sylvia Hamilton Confession & Accounting"

10) Sylvia Hamilton's written confession and accounting of embezzling Maurine P Hamilton Estate/Trust to insolvency

In 3rd tab section of binder labeled "Bank Records Received to Date"

11) Spreadsheet of Sylvia Hamilton withdrawals from Maurine Hamilton bank accounts

12) Randolph-Brooks bank accounts records we have been able to obtain showing Sylvia Hamilton's $150,000 withdrawal from Maurine Hamilton's account. A total of $315,000 is missing from this account which had about $5 left in it when we found it.

13) Chase Banks account records prepared by Chase Bank Vice President, at the written request of our first Probate attorney, to track the missing annuity checks that passed thru Maurine Hamilton's account. They had Sylvia Hamilton's bank records there as well, but said we could not look at them without Sylvia Hamilton's permission, but that was where the money had been transferred to from Maurine Hamilton's account.

14) Wikipedia page on Omission (failure/duty to act) in Criminal Law. Had Maurine Hamilton not died on Oct 6, 2006, Sylvia Hamilton would have been discovered when Maurine Hamilton moved into a nursing home, as she had requested recently to Alan Hamilton. Sylvia Hamilton was completely against Maurine Hamilton moving to a nursing home and took her phone away from her so she couldn't call people about it and get help. (filename: Omission-Duty-Failure to Act-Manslaughter-Momicide-WikiPedia.pdf)

In 4th tab section of binder labeled "Civil Lawsuit"

15) Civil Lawsuit D-1-GN-12-002777, filed by our new attorney Jason Coomer (our first attorney Wayne Gronquist died in Nov 2010)

In 5th tab section of binder labeled "HowToStealAnAnnuity and DPOAs,email,sigs"

16) webpage from www.HowToStealAnAnnuity.com, a website built in reponse to a Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) FaceBook request for stories of financial elder abuse.

17) Attached as well are the 2004 unrecorded mystery DPOA.

(extracted from Mutual of Omaha 1/12/2009 letter-documents we never received from Danny Davila or Sylvia Hamilton, though we were informed of Sylvia's annuities embezzlement confession on 8/26/2008 by lawyer Wayne Gronquist on 9/9/2008 and by CPA Danny Davila on 9/10/2008).

18) the 1996 Recorded DPOA from the Travis County Clerk’s Office, which are referenced on the HowToStealAnAnuity website.

19) website of Danny Davila's new company, Austin Wealth Management. Note it says he is a forensic accountant, and yet he has done no forensic accounting for us on this at all, tho it was requested multiple times, orally and in writing.

20)  Strange email from Brad Seals, an Estate-Trust attorney, to Danny Davila, a CPA, expressing interest in Maurine Hamilton’s annuities, which ultimately end up missing. Found in CPA Danny Davila’s Hamilton Estate file which we stopped by and copied ourselves on April 14, 2009 at Danny Davila’s office, while he was busy with April 15th deadlines. When the embezzlement was presented to Danny Davila on Sept 10, 2008, by our attorney Wayne Gronquist (who died Nov 2010), Danny Davila said that “Police never look into these kinds of things.”, like Teflon Danny was his name.

21) Maurine P Hamilton signature comparison webpage