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Evidence of Tax Fraud and Evasion, in order to cover up, The Embezzlement of the Alfred and Maurine P. Hamilton Estate/Trust

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Austin Police Communications Webpage

Austin Police Communications

Police Report - filed 5-22-2009. Police replied to email and said they'd get back to us in a few weeks. Did not hear back so then we contacted them again in Sept 2009, and they sent us a DA form to fill out and attach all the evidence to. They said it would take them 2 years to investigate, after we gave them all the evidence, bank records etc., which the criminals had refused to give to us. The Police said any information they found they could not share with us, including the bank records, because of "Grand Jury Rules". Gave us Police Case #: 09-2460910 for the Embezzlement Case and Case #: 06-2790119 for the "Death Report" of Maurine Hamilton on Oct 6, 2006.

Exhibits sent to Police on 5-22-2009:

     1. Evidence List.docx

     2. Exhibit A - Aug 6 2002 - Life Insurance physical for Mom - clean bill of health and $250,000 policy for $10,000 per year

     3. Exhibit B - May 29 2003 Irrevocable Life Ins assignment-note Maurine's sig and love for both kids-makes Life Ins have no Estate-Death Tax

     4. Exhibit C - June 21 2004 - Mom-Maurine receives $315000 from Dad-Alfred's death benefits - Maurine is healthy wealthy and wise

     5. Exhibit DS - Hamilton Estate TimeLine Overview - Dec 2008 - 20-20 hindsight after Chase Bank visit revealing embezzlement

     6. Exhibit E1 - July 8 2004 - example $150,000 bank transaction by Sylvia

     7. Exhibit E2S - Hamilton Estate Bank Asset Discovery Spreadsheet - as of 5-21-09 - work in progress

     8. Exhibit F -  Friday - Aug 6 2004 - DPOA with Alan misspelled-no doctors needed-CPA becomes successor agent-compare Maurine sig with Exhibit B

     9. Exhibit G - Monday - Aug 9 2004 - Letter from Mutual of Omaha saying Maurine wasn't with Danny and Sylvia

     10. Exhibit H - August 31 2004 - written notice to Mutual of Omaha by Sylvia - why needed if Maurine was with Sylvia and Danny on August 6 2004

     11. Exhibit I - Sept 2 2004 - Sylvia's attempted theft of Life Insurance from Alan stopped by Mutual of Omaha alert employee Cynthia Herman

     12. Exhibit J - Oct 8 2004-Danny-MofO Letter-enough anger to withdraw $800,000 in annuities-yet no police report after Gina robs all the Estate money

     13. Exhibit K - Aug-Sept-Oct 2004 Calendars with Events Listed

     14. Exhibit L1S - Hamilton Estate - Bank work to be done - work in progress

     15. Exhibit L2S - Computational version of Hamilton Estate - Bank work to be done - work in progress

     16. Exhibit L3S - Alfred and Maurine income and taxes Overview spreadsheet - work in progress

     17. Exhibit M1 - Sept 18 2008 email - Judge Sammy Sparks embezzlement article and Danny Davila meeting quotes

     18. Exhibit M2 - Jan 2009 Research excepts from Financial Elder Abuse website

     19. Exhibit M3 - Jan 12 2009-entire packet of docs received from Mutual of Omaha-docs Danny Davila never shared with us

     20. Exhibit M4 -Jan 16 2009 research email to attorney - Means, Motive and Opportunity - Pastor Guilty of embezzlement and murder

     21. Exhibit M5 - Hope - Austin police trace bank accounts to catch bike thieves

In the heat of the tax season, on April 14, 2009, with less than a day's notice, we stopped by Danny Davila's office and personally xeroxed ALL the papers in Danny Davila's "Hamilton Folder" on Danny Davila's copy machine, which he grudgingly allowed and charged us about $20-50 (find check amount from Alan's book) to do. We told Danny if he didn't allow us to do it, we would be reporting him to the Probate Judge when we filed our Estate Inventory with Wayne Gronquist on April 15, 2009. He also gave us the "2004 Hamilton billing records" that we had repeatedly requested since Sept 2009 from him.

We did not have time to look thru Danny's folder of documents before filing the Police Report. In May 2009, we prepared and filed the Police Report.

Then in June, July and August 2009, we began going thru Danny Davila's "Hamilton Folder", and were shocked to find the following evidence, in the copy of Danny Davila's "Hamilton Folder". We sent these new documents to the Austin Police in our second contact in Sept 2009. Along with the shocking items below, we found the 2003 taxes, which he had told us repeatedly he did not have a copy of, which clearly shows Maurine Hamilton was not "broke" in 2004, as Danny told us on Sept 10, 2008, "so he got her money back for her without surrender charges - and he could only do it cause he had a license".

     22. Exhibit N1 - 6-7-04 - The Plan - bseals to danny davila email with elderly lady whose husband just died heist plot - in writing

     23. Exhibit N2 - In 2004, Danny knew mother just received $315000 and was not "broke", as he claimed she and Sylvia said they were. Has Alan's name spelled wrong in Dannys handwriting.

     24. Exhibit N3 - 8-29-08 - Sylvia's Long-term care refund request by Danny Davila which neither Danny nor Sylvia told Alan about. This was done AFTER Sylvia confessed to stealing $800,000 in Annuities, and promised to pay Alan back. Instead, Sylvia was continuing to steal from the estate with Danny Davila's continued assistance.

After the second contact, Detective David Rhodes (check name?) of the Austin Police sent the following paperwork from the Travis County District Attorney's Office, which said to send them all the evidence, including the bank statements the crooks had refused to give us, and then they would look into it, but it would take a couple of years. As well, Det Rhodes said on the phone that he could not, by law, share any of their findings with us, only with a Grand Jury. Basically, in every contact with the Austin Police, we were told that they did not have time to look into this and besides that the victim had been dead for a few years, and there was probably no paperwork to show any agreements. Seriously, we have this in writing, in an email, from the Austin Police (to be scanned). I guess they don't investigate complex embezzlements with dead people. Which explains why Danny and Wayne both said "The police never investigate these kinds of things". How convenient. A recession-proof industry. Stealing from the dead, or soon-to-be dead, for which the police have no time, or expertise apparently. Looks like the crooks have outsmarted the cops. Crime has apparently paid very well. Over a million dollars is missing, and a dead old lady, and the police "can see no obvious crime", and won't trace any bank records, like they did for a missing bicycle (see Exhibit M5 above). Nice. For white-collar crooks who have figured out they are smarter than the cops.

To be scanned - Travis County DA paperwork

So we moved on and began trying to solve this case without the crooked attorneys, crooked CPA and a questionable police department.

Upon attempting to share evidence with the Police, new attorneys, CPAs and other law enforcement options, the max megabyte limit for email attachments was exceeded, and sharing complex evidence documents became the problem, as well as the time-consuming task of first scanning the documents into the computer. is the fruition of all this work. Luckily, Alan Hamilton's wife, Marjorie Miller is a software engineer, and was able build this website for him so that the complex embezzlement document evidence can be easily and instantly shared on the web, but only by those authorized to see it. Immense amounts of paperwork which is too complex and time-consuming to follow, is the modus-operandi of this Organized Crime Network.

The Travis County Probate Court is a Den of Thieves. Ref - Austin Stateman article, (or

and Wayne Gronquist's warning of a "can of worms" and "shady characters in the Probate Court".

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