There is no Perfect Crime...only the Perfect Victim...the Elderly...with no law enforcement to be found...

Evidence of Tax Fraud and Evasion, in order to cover up, The Embezzlement of the Alfred and Maurine P. Hamilton Estate/Trust

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How to Steal an Annuity

How to Steal an Annuity

Tell me if you've heard this one, One of two beneficiaries walks into a CPA's office...

                                                                                       An Old CPA joke...

11/22/2016 US Supreme Court Appeal - The meaning of the word "must"

For the past 3 years (11/22/2016 update: over 8 years at this point, since 9/9/2008, when informed of embezzlement), my husband and I have been trying to get the Mutual of Omaha, the police, FINRA (Financial Regulatory Industry Authority), the Texas Department of Insurance (TDI), lawyers, ANYBODY to investigate the embezzlement, fraud and theft of all the Mutual of Omaha annuities my husband's mother owned. The CPA, a PFS, (Personal Financial Specialist), without whom the "early withdrawal" could not have been accomplished, acknowledged the fact with pride, saying "they only did it cause I have a license". The CPA also said at the same meeting that he informed my husband and I that $789,000 in annuities were missing from the Estate/Trust, he told us "The police never investigate this kind of stuff.". And indeed, 3 years later, we have to agree: annuity theft is a easy crime with no police. Since we can't seem to get the police to investigate the crime, we've decided just to publish a book on how to steal annuities. If you can't beat 'em, join 'em. Apparently Annuity Theft is the wave of the future. Here's how to do it:

1) Shortly after the death of one of the elderly spouses, change the family CPA to a new CPA, less devoted to the family plan, and does not demand to see the Will/Trust documents. Get a new family attorney who wants to avoid probate as well , even though the Will expressly requires: "to probate and record my Will and to make, return and record the statutory inventory, appraisement and list of claims of my Estate." It doesn't matter if you died Testate or Intestate to these guys, those were just school and license test questions. Keep remaining elder secluded from others while you change their paperwork and steal all the money.

2) Have your new CPA write up a new DPOA (Durable Power of Attorney) for the old person. Forge their signature, doesn't even need to be a good forgery, Mutual of Omaha doesn't even check. Mutual of Omaha also won't check the County Records office where the old person lives, in order to see if there is a recorded DPOA which contradicts your forged/fraudulently obtained DPOA, like asking for 2 doctors certification of incapacity of old person. 2 doctors certification: the old people had THOUGHT that protected them from one dishonest doctor. LOL. Mysterious 2004 DPOA even has son's name spelled wrong, right above "mother's" new non-linear signature. (1996 correct: Alan, 2004 incorrect: Allan , signature compares). Would a mother not notice her son's name spelled wrong? And if she didn't notice, was she there physically, and/or mentally?) No need to pay attention to detail on this crime. LOL.

3) Have your new CPA write a letter to Mutual of Omaha threatening a TDI investigation, with strange, random reasons why an elderly woman would all the sudden, want to liquidate her entire annuities portfolio into cash and give it to you, :), or in this case, her daughter, one of two beneficiaries listed on the annuities. Ironic since CPA knows TDI doesn't do any investigation anyways, and will never investigate the CPA's actions.

4) Send threatening letter with forged DPOA to Mutual of Omaha, and Mutual of Omaha will hand over the money, hundreds of thousands of dollars, with no more investigation or due diligence. They won't check the signature, contact any other beneficiaries listed on the annuity for verification or do the "standard and ordinary care" Letter of Release of Responsibility/affidavit from the other beneficiary(s).

5) Nobody will notice for years, because annuities are long-term investments, and they assume that a CPA and Fiduciary is handling things.

5) It gets better. After the theft, since the CPA doesn't want to be held liable for the DPOA, he files fraudulent taxes 4 year later to cover up the embezzlement, ignore the trust and just says "the police never investigate this kind of stuff" to the Successor Executor/Trustee.

6) Since Mutual of Omaha doesn't want to be held liable for the stolen annuities, they will stifle any investigation as well.

7) Since there's a possible 4 year statute of limitations (unless fraud is "discovered"), from the time of discovery, and they won't discover it for a few years, the paperwork will be too confusing to understand and the old person will likely die before an investigation, with help if necessary. Find an old person that you can keep secluded from others and have them cremated before telling anyone they died.

8) When the police are told that $1 million is missing from an Estate/Trust, and the old woman was found dead, in the care of the caretaker who transferred the million dollars into her own bank accounts, the police will say, "How are we to know whose money it is, and the lady is dead already and she was old anyways and cremated, so how are we to know, and well, they don't see a crime anyway." The Perfect Crime, the Police don't have the Time...or expertise. The police ironically, do not know what a "Trust" is, or what a 1041 and K-1s are. Their forte is stolen bikes and bloody crime scenes, rather than financial spreadsheets and Durable Power of Attorney (DPOAs).

9) FINRA and TDI will insist that embezzlement, money laundering, tax evasion and possible murder are a civil case. They will suggest getting a lawyer which will cost $7500, from the very people you embezzled to insolvency. Perfect! You stole their bullets. The posse will never even leave the stable, Kimosabe.

10) The FBI will say "if it's under $2 million, we won't have time probably." So keep it under $2 million.

11) The IRS will be their last hope. This will confuse them. They will be afraid to engage the I.R.S. lest the D.O.G. bites them.

12) Act like you are cooperating and assisting the investigations. Answer any questions asked by government or professional agencies or police if they do call or write. They will do nothing but go thru the motions and this will tire out and frustrate any remaining beneficiaries, even make them go broke trying to get attorneys to help them. Waste time, because as a crook, Time is always on your side. Delay Delay Delay, until it is "too late" for the beneficiaries to do anything. You have now stolen the annuities, Fair and square.


13) Submitted to IRS WhistleBlower Office (4/1/2013). Let's see if anything happens now. Tax fraud and evasion to cover up embezzlement. It was a Trust. Where's the 1041 and the K-1? FINRA will never ask these questions. FINRA's last question to us was: "What kind of pass-thru entity was involved?", when a Trust document is sitting there on the website. FINRA is a J.O.K.E. of an agency or "authority", as it calls itself.

14) If any remaining family members actually do get enough money together to begin a lawsuit against you, have your attorney inundate the old people with so much paperwork they go broke and die. See

15) After a year and a half, the IRS still has not contacted us except a form letter saying we were not eligible for an IRS WhistleBlower Reward. We called the Washington D.C. phone number on the letter and told the woman we had more information to submit and wanted to know the status of the investigation, as we need help with the white-kollar Krooks, the woman said we had to write a letter and request the agent assigned to the case to call us. So we did and then received a second letter saying we were not eligible for a reward. So then we called the 1-800-829-1040, and asked to speak to the Criminal Investigation Division (CID). The IRS person told us they did not know how to contact the CID, as there was no phone number, only an address.

16) Do your dirty work in a town like Austin Texas, with only 2 attorneys in the DA's white-kollar krime unit, who don't even refer the case to the US Attorneys Office. "The White Collar Crimes unit also investigates all officer-involved shootings." They'll never even have time to look at the evidence. By Design. But the Austin Police will give all the evidence that you gave them to the suspect. Seriously, this really happened. And Judge Scott Jenkins ordered the website, built for law enforcement access to case documents, be made available to the suspect, as well as all the passwords to all the users (law enforcement agencies) on the website. Judge Jenkins said "he didn't understand what was", but asked opposing attorney Robert Smith "what 2 things, no 4 things, he couldn't live without", and then granted his wish to see everything ever given to any law enforcement agency as well as admin info like website statistics and user login info for, just because they were contained in the 4 numbers given to Judge Jenkins from Robert Smith's discovery request. When we mentioned the Grand Jury Secrecy law which we were told prevented the police from sharing any evidence which they found with us, it didn't seem to be a problem for the CPA to get his attorney to get all the evidence we had given the Police. Indeed, we were told we would be in "Contempt of Court" if we did not hand over the website over to the suspect. When we mentioned to Judge Jenkins that it would damage on ongoing criminal investigation, he said, "Get another Judge to tell him he was wrong." Judge Jenkins also said that "we should get an attorney". We had one, but Danny Davila's attorney Robert Smith threw so much paperwork at him, we ran out of money and so he quit working on the case. So here it is, as ordered by the Court,, now public at (with newly added horizontal menus!), for all to see how much evidence the police will never look at. White-Kollar Krime against the elderly is essentially legal in Austin Texas.

17) Coming soon:, for all the crimes the police have no time to look into. The perfect crime = too much time.

Update - 1/19/2015 - "The Motive for Murder Letter":

18) Be careful as to the location of the remaining parent before requesting accounting and bank records. No one would listen to Alan Hamilton that Maurine Hamilton had been murdered, except his wife because she had no choice. He kept talking about a letter that his dead attorney had written to Sylvia asking for an accounting of the Trust, and that his mother mysteriously died less than 4 months later at his sister's house, with her psychic and embezzlement partner Gina Andro, according to the police report and Sylvia's written confession. Sylvia Hamilton does not tell her brother Alan Hamilton that his mother has died for 3 weeks, after she has cremated Maurine Hamilton, and told Alan that his mother was sleeping and could not be disturbed, during those 3 weeks when he came to visit multiple times.

But then the letter was found recently, after going thru attorney Wayne Gronquist's records left after his death. And it says exactly what Alan has been saying all along. But it's written proof, of a motive for Maurine's murder, with Sylvia Hamilton's signature on the Post Office receipt slip with the date it was received, 6/13/2006. Maurine Hamilton died on 10/6/2006. She was a diabetic with a wheelchair, dependant on Sylvia for food. An easy kill. Maurine Hamilton was a registered nurse her entire life and had requested to go to a nursing home, but Sylvia wouldn't let her, which is why Alan had gotten a lawyer to get guardianship of his mother so that her wishes would be followed. He also went to the Adult Protective Services and filed a report and nothing was done by that agency either. Sylvia says in her written confession and Trust accounting to the Probate Judge on 10/27/2009, that Gina the psychic "put her under a spell and and she can't believe that she did the things she did."

A diabetic can die from a sugary piece of cake and not checking blood sugar levels. Maurine knew this as a nurse and requested better care in a nursing home. She could not be transported to a doctor or the bathtub without Alan's help and since Sylvia was shutting everyone out of her house, neither was happening.

6/13/2006 - Letter from Alan Hamilton's attorney Wayne Gronquist, requesting the accounting of the Trust and the bank account records.

And here are the bank records showing the money all siphoned out of Maurine Hamilton's bank accounts by June 2006. Sylvia knew Alan and Maurine could not see those bank records. So Maurine had to die. And then did. And the police still have done nothing, after filing a police report in May 2009. A DA Report (with DAEvidenceTable). An IRS Report (with IRSEvidenceTable, Evidence Table Quicklinks) with fraudulent taxes included. FINRA is just Bernie Madoff's old inept and/or corrupt NASD agency with a new name. Nothin but a waste of time. TDI suggested we sue. Like telling a person who has just had their horse stolen to go ride their horse after the horse thieves. What, no posse Sheriff? Can we borrow your horse?...

And yet, we repeat, law enforcement and Mutual of Omaha have done nothing, so it must be legal. Good luck.

Old lady dead. Over a million dollars missing. No problem. Move along. Nothing to see here.

4/8/2015 update:

Missing: The IRS-CID (Criminal Investigation Division) and 2 IRS Evidence Binders (pictured below).

No human contact from IRS-CID 2 years later, only nonsensical form letters. We have new evidence and confessions. Is anybody out there?

If found, please email or your friendly

Reward. Last seen at Post Office being sent to IRS, on 4/1/2013. Luckily, we have a copy of the contents online.

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