There is no Perfect Crime...only the Perfect Victim...the Elderly...with no law enforcement to be found...

Evidence of Tax Fraud and Evasion, in order to cover up, The Embezzlement of the Alfred and Maurine P. Hamilton Estate/Trust

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Danny Davila Communications

1. 6-7-2004 - Brad Seals to Danny Davila email

2. Danny Davila 2008-2009 email list from gmail

3. 9-10-2008 - paper ticker tape receipt from Danny calculating lost Estate Value/missing Annuities for Alan (also ticker tape-darker scan with description for IRS)

4. 10-16-2008 - Alan email to Danny Davila about Trust tax returns

5. 12-4-2008 - Alan to Danny Davila - Request for Tax Returns

6. 12-23-2008 - Alan request to Danny Davila for billing records

7. 1-10-2009 - Alan to Danny Davila - Request for rest of billing records

8. 3-10-2009 - Alan to Danny Davila email - re-request for Trust taxes (10/16/2008 email), 2003 taxes and 2004 billing records (in 1/10/2009 gmail conversation thread)

9. 3-10-2009 - evening phone message from Danny Davila - Danny Davila's response to Alan Hamilton's 3-10-2009 email re-request for the Trust Tax Returns he had asked to be done in 10-16-2008 email - Danny Davila quote from phone message: "he didn't know or care who was Executor and was not there to debate Alan or his sister and rehash old war wounds".

10. 3-11-2009 - Alan email reply to Danny Davila's phone message on 3-10-2009 evening - (in 12/4/2008 gmail conversation thread) - Alan to Danny - "Do you know who did the 2003 taxes?". 2003 taxes later found in Davila's Hamilton Tax folder with Danny Davila's signature on them (4-14-2009 Davila office folder copy visit).

11. 4-1-2009 - Alan to Danny Davila - "2004,2005,2006 Taxes reviewed, Need copy of 2003 taxes and 2004 Annuity work bill" - (subject title of email) - with attachment "Alfred and Maurine income and taxes spreadsheet"

The above 4-1-2009 to 4-14-2009 gmail conversation thread email, contains all responses leading up to our obtaining a copy of Danny Davila's Hamilton Tax Folder, which contained the long sought after 2003 taxes. a gmail conversation thread is an email with a number of reply and response messages. (4/1, 4/6, 4/6, 4/7, shock, 4/13, 4/13. 4/14/2009, 4/14/2009 office visit, more shock, Looked at copied Davila Folder, more shock, Police Report - 5-22-2009)

12. 4-15-2009 - Marjie to Danny Davila - about his explosion on 4-14-2009

13. 4-14-2009 (received) - Billing Statements (2004-2006+) from Danny Davila

14. Requests for payment to Alan Hamilton from Danny Davila (yet he says he was not working for him)

15. 2004 DPOA for Maurine Hamilton by Danny Davila and Sylvia Hamilton (received from Mutual Of Omaha 1-12-2009)

16. Danny Davila FINRA Broker check - similar customer complaint of missing money in 1998

17. Danny Davila's CPA/Tax work website

18. Danny Davila's Wealth management company website

19. RFPs submitted on 7/9/2013 to Davila's attorney (with color and OCR retained) (filelist order spreadsheet)