There is no Perfect Crime...only the Perfect Victim...the Elderly...with no law enforcement to be found...

Evidence of Tax Fraud and Evasion, in order to cover up, The Embezzlement of the Alfred and Maurine P. Hamilton Estate/Trust

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FINRA Communications Webpage

FINRA Communications and TimeLine - last update - 8-18-2011

1) 2010-Danny Davila FINRA BrokerCheck summary webpage

2) 2010-Mutual of Omaha FINRA BrokerCheck summary webpage

3) 2010-FINRA website-online complaint instructions - says FINRA will review complaint and send to correct agency if not FINRAs jurisdiction

4) 12-31-2010 - FINRA Complaint submitted

5) 1-19-2011 - Letter from Carol Ford - (to be scanned)

6) 1-26-2011 - Letter from Dexter McKay - (to be scanned)

7) 2-24-2011 - First voice message left by David Suddeth

8) 2-25-2011 - Phone call from David Suddeth - Alan spoke to David Suddeth - Marjie on trip to California - David Suddeth told Alan he would "box Danny into a story".

9) 3-2-2011 - website security breach:

Appears to be Danny Davila's internet address - also spent alot of time and opened every file on in Danny Davila Communications page - logged in with FINRA password.

March 2, 2011 - site-statistics -  2 different new IP addresses - one an Austin RoadRunner biz account for 30 minutes and the other an ATT personal account for 4 minutes, undetermined location

10) Phone tag with David Suddeth for 3 weeks:

           5-25-2011 - voicemail from David Suddeth to us - "He has spoken with Danny Davila a number of times, and has some questions for us."

           6-1-2011 - voicemail from us to David Suddeth - "Please leave your email address on the next voicemail message."

           6-3-2011 - voicemail from David Suddeth to us - "Why do you want my email address? Call me back."

11) 6-8-2011 - Our letter to FINRA requesting email communications - Certified Mail (scanned-done)

12) 6-17-2011 - David Suddeth's first email - (Win2PDF) - "email OK. Here are my questions."

13) 6-22-2011 - Our reply to David Suddeth's 1st email - (Win2PDF) - 

              Some of our questions:

                       a) What does your email title 'cc: Danny Davila' mean?

                       b) Are you copying Danny Davila on our communications?

                       c) Does Danny Davila have the password to ? 

                       d) What story did you box Danny Davila into?"

14) 8-2-2011 - David Suddeth's reply to our email finally, with no answers to our questions, or his own - (Win2PDF)

15) 8-19-2011 - Our reply to David Suddeth 2nd email - to be finished writing (Win2PDF)

             email "attachments"-links:

                  a) Danny Davila FINRA Broker Check details - this is the second time for the same offense - (scanned with notes-done)

                  b) Do Mutual of Omaha Broker Check Details - do this weekend

                  c) Wayne Gronquist SEC-FINRA investigation already underway - You might find him in Costa Rica...He may have felt he was better off "dead"...

                  d) FBI-SEC sting operation article - (Win2PDF - done)

                  e) Certified Fraud Examiners  - Wikipedia

                  f) David Suddeth-FINRA-FAQ - to be finished writing

16) TBD - Hamilton-Miller questions to FINRA which have gone unanswered by David Suddeth - collect

17) Bad FINRA reviews:

       1) Wikipedia-POGO - Bernie Madoff was the former NASD Chief - FINRA is actually the National Association of Security Dealers. It's not the "Financial Industry Regulatory AUTHORITY" , ie. it's not a government agency tho the name implies some kind of general government agency. And their website says they will forward any "criminal complaints" if needed to the appropriate government agency. Is this the fox guarding the hen-house? Performing the guise of an investigation, with a guise of a regulatory agency, with a guise of a government agency, with their "regulations" instead of the laws, and getting rid of the lawyers and courts with mandatory arbitration....That's quite a plan indeed...

       2) Barry Estelle - attorney comment for mandatory FINRA arbitration proposal