There is no Perfect Crime...only the Perfect Victim...the Elderly...with no law enforcement to be found...

Evidence of Tax Fraud and Evasion, in order to cover up, The Embezzlement of the Alfred and Maurine P. Hamilton Estate/Trust

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Jason Coomer Communications (lawyer who filed initial lawsuits)

1) Civil Lawsuit webpage - shortcut elements outline - duty-breach-damages (1-2-3)

2) Sylvia Hamilton lawsuit filed by Jason Coomer on 9/7/2012

3) Danny Davila lawsuit filed by Jason Coomer on 4/12/2013

4) Davila Summary Judgment Evidence Table-short

5) Davila Summary Judgment Evidence Table-long

6) RFPs with evidence links (html table translated from google spreadsheets that doesn't do links very well yet)

7)US Supreme Court Appeal - The meaning of the word "must" - filed Pro Se - No Mo Money for lawyers