There is no Perfect Crime...only the Perfect Victim...the Elderly...with no law enforcement to be found...

Evidence of Tax Fraud and Evasion, in order to cover up, The Embezzlement of the Alfred and Maurine P. Hamilton Estate/Trust

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Mutual of Omaha Communications in chronological order

         1) 2000-2003 - Annuity Contracts - annuities transferred from smaller companies to larger Mutual of Omaha ("too big to fail"), for long-term investment stability during retirement and thru generational transfer to 2017 (one possibly 2022).

         2) Clara Lange - dealing with Alfred Hamilton annuities after death on 4/8/2004

                   a) May 26, 2004 - (Police Report-Exhibit N2) - In 2004, Danny knew mother just received $315000 and was not "broke", as he claimed she and Sylvia said they were. Has Alan's name spelled wrong in Dannys handwriting.

                   b) June 21 2004 - (Police Report-Exhibit C) - Mom-Maurine receives $315000 from Dad-Alfred's death benefits - Maurine is healthy wealthy and wise

Exhibits C and N2 are the same letter (not quite-similar-N2 preceded C). Exhibit N2 has Davila's handwriting on it, Exhibit C does not.

Exhibit C contained in original police report (5/22/2009), with no handwriting on it. Exhibit N2 received in 4/14/2009 - Davila "Hamilton Tax Folder" (DHTF). (noticed in Summer 2009 while examining folder contents after filing Police Report on 5/22/2009, before 9/2009 Police update, with new evidence found).

         3) Michelle Bogatz - the embezzlement takes place - Mutual of Omaha suspicious but drops ball after CPA Danny Davila letter with "2004 Mystery DPOA" (not even a Recorded DPOA and has beneficiary "Alan" spelled incorrectly as "Allan", right above "mother's signature" supposedly). (see Peggy Rodewald, "5d", below, 1/12/2009 -1st time 2004 docs seen by Alan Hamilton, aka Police Report-Exhibit M3)

                   a) Aug 9 2004 - Monday - (Police Report-Exhibit G) - Letter from Mutual of Omaha saying Maurine wasn't with Danny and Sylvia

                   b) August 31 2004 - (Police Report-Exhibit H) - Sylvia's scrawled letter to MofO - written notice to Mutual of Omaha by Sylvia - why needed if Maurine was with Sylvia and Danny on August 6 2004

                   c) October 2004 - letter from MofO AFTER Davila letter releasing annuity money - with checks - find - on Wayne page? TBD

         4) Cynthia Herman - stops the theft of the Life Insurance by Sylvia in 2004

                   a) Sept 2 2004 - (Police Report-Exhibit I) - Sylvia's attempted theft of Life Insurance from Alan stopped by Mutual of Omaha alert employee Cynthia Herman

                   b) Alan's Life Insurance claim paperwork in Dec 2006 and reply (Jan 2007) - find - in Peggy Rodewald-7/20 letter? TBD. (who to?) - Alan told Sylvia Life Insurance would be distributed when Estate/Trust accounting and taxes were finished. Alan was basically using the Life Insurance money as leverage/collateral/encouragement for Sylvia to cooperate finally with doing the accounting and taxes paperwork. He had been asking nicely since 2004, and communicated by lawyer on 6/13/2006, less that 4 months before Maurine Hamilton ended up dead in Sylvia and Gina's care, the 2 people who took the money. Sylvia did not tell her brother for 3 weeks that his mother had died, AFTER she had had Maurine cremated.

         5) Peggy Rodewald- the embezzlement coverup by Mutual of Omaha - didn't want liability - first say they gave it to Sylvia including DPOA as proof, then lie about DPOA, that MofO sent in the first place, and say they gave it to Maurine not Sylvia. Most likely Alan would never have seen a copy of DPOA from Mutual of Omaha, if they had been informed of embezzlement beforehand. They conducted absolutely no investigation even after being informed of the embezzlement in 6-25-2009 letter (below) from Alan Hamilton. Denied knowledge of DPOA they provided. Zero fraud policy for investors, Mutual of Omaha only cared about their bottomline, not fraud, or inspecting ot improving their security procedures.

(notation: .?. = inline history. Detailed Mutual of Omaha Life Insurance Events, Spreadsheet #1, link TBD.)

                   .a.) 8-26-2008 - Alan splits oil lease bonus 50-50 with Sylvia at attorney's office ($3000/each), though he actually is given 100% of the farm property in the Will/Trust. Does not know there is any problem with Sylvia or finances, except worried about whether income taxes have been done and property taxes paid. Sylvia says she will meet with CPA Danny Davila to ascertain taxes and will give Alan a copy then.

                   a) 8-28-2008 - Letter from Peggy Rodewald - about Sylvia and Danny's phone call for half of the Life Insurance (after confessing to Wayne on 8-26-2008 to stealing $800,000 from Estate). Alan had told her he had Life Insurance money in bank and that Sylvia would get her half after the accounting and taxes were done. Instead of delivering the accounting and taxes, Sylvia and Davila told Mutual of Omaha that Alan took Sylvia's half of the Life Insurance. This is the letter from Mutual of Omaha demanding it back. Alan had just been a "nice guy" splitting the oil/gas lease 50-50, on 8-26-2008, something he didn't have to. We were udderly confused upon receiving this letter on 9/2/2008 that Sylvia would then say Alan had "taken" the Life Insurance when she knew it was in the bank, awaiting the Estate/Trust/accounting/taxes paperwork to be finished before being distributed.

                   .b.) 9-9-2008 - Alan and Marjie called to attorney Wayne's office and informed Sylvia confessed to taking $800,000 in annuities on 8/26/2008 after we left. Wayne said she promised to pay it all back and was sorry. So 2 days after Sylvia admitted robbing the Estate/Trust of $800,000 she reported that Alan had stolen $100,000 from her. And then did not give any accounting of Estate/Trust to Alan, did up fraudulent non-Trust taxes with CPA Davila, with no mention of the embezzlement or K1s to the Irrevoble Trust beneficiaries of which Alan was one. Beneficiaries must ok any change in an Irrevocable Trust. (see Investopedia Irrevocable Trust definition and video - TBD)

                   .c.) Wayne gets second Mutual of Omaha Life Insurance check for about $100,000 from Sylvia and accompanies Alan to bank (12/10/2008? ck date - with Marjie) to start the Maurine Hamilton Estate/Trust account, where the check was deposited. The check was taken from Sylvia so she wouldn't "send it to the psychic", like she said she did with the rest of the money. The Estate had been embezzled to insolvancy, by Sylvia, and Wayne the lawyer had already rung up $16,000 in charges and the CPA Danny Davila, had $2000 in charges, owed by the Estate. As well, there was the question of the $36,000 tax penalty on the stolen money and other Probate/Estate/Trust expenses. Attorney Jason Coomer later charged $20,000 for further legal work for the Estate/Trust. That takes us up to $74,000, and we haven't even gotten non-fraudulent taxes done yet or recovered a penny. That's like paying someone back with a $20 bill and then asking for a $10 and two $5 bills back to call it even. Worse yet, it was a $20 bill for an I.O.U., from Sylvia and her psychic? This was not a payment from Sylvia Hamilton to Alan Hamilton, it was a payment to the Estate/Trust, which Sylvia had embezzled to insolvancy, not even paying the taxes and bills due, before "sending all the money to a psychic". It was given to Alan's care for the money's safety, so that the taxes and bills of the Estate/Trust could be paid, without worry that "the money would be sent to a Psychic" by Sylvia again. It was not viewed nor discussed as any part of an "equalization" settlement with Sylvia, but for Estate/Trust expenses, which Sylvia had caused. $800,000 missing does not equal $100,000 found. Not to mention the $40,000/year interest = $400,000 in 10 years, = $600,000 in 15 years, = $800,000 in 20 years. A retirement account is supposed to grow, and the annuities were no loss, 4% minumim interest, tax-deferred, currently earning 6%. Davila committed Annuicide by withdrawing all the principal, in order to churn an 83 year old woman's investments into his Mutual Funds. (Do not confuse 20-20 Hindsight with concurrent knowledge. We did not know this until Sylvia's 10/27/2009 written and recorded confessions.)

(Note1: After filing the Trust theft/loss taxes, Alan had intended to file on Mutual of Omaha and Davila's "Errors and Omissions insurance" for the annuities theft, but Davila never did the Trust taxes with the theft/loss, as requested, for some reason. That's why they have "Errors and Omissions insurance". For "Errors and Omissions". Like this.)

(Note2: It was later discovered in the Travis County Clerk records online, that in Oct 2009, Sylvia took out a $30,000 mortgage on her house, and yet in her written and recorded oral confessions between 10/27/2009 and 10/29/2009, she said she didn't have any money to pay Wayne the lawyer. We assume that it ended up in the hands of the pyschic somehow, most likely Western Union.)

(Editor's note: It was for the protection of the money. Even the money was scared.)

                   b) 11-6-2008 - Letter from Peggy Rodewald - requesting a reply by 12-15-2008, about "underpayment to Sylvia/overpayment to Alan" by Mutual of Omaha

                   c) 12-8-2008 - Alan and Marjie to Peggy Rodewald requesting Annuity status - (with copy of 10-28-2008 Probate Court-issued Letters Testamentary)

                   d) The "Here's the DPOA" letter - 1-12-2009 - Entire packet of docs received from Mutual of Omaha-docs Danny Davila never shared with us - (Police Report-Exhibit M3)

                   e) 6-25-2009 - Alan and Marjie to Peggy Rodewald - informing her of robbery/embezzlement of Mutual of Omaha annuities by Sylvia Hamilton/Danny Davila and DPOA forgery-Alan's name spelled wrong-2 doctor certification requirement removed from recorded DPOA/Financial Elder Abuse.

                   f) The "What DPOA?" letter - 7-20-2009 - Letter from Peggy Rodewald - related: Mutual of Omaha-Davila accounting events spreadsheet - coming soon -

Hamilton Estate/Trust distribution totals, Spreadsheet #2, link TBD. $100,000 does not equal $1.5 million, which is what is owed to the Estate/Trust for the embezzlement and damage to the (2004-2017) investment plan of Maurine Hamilton (initial calculations, may be corrected in future, see below).

simple interest calculation: ($800,000 x 5% interest, 2004-2017=13 years = 13x$40,000=$520,000+$800,000=$1.32 million,

according to SEC calculator (website calculations screenshot), with annually compounded interest = $1,508,519.31

also see monkeychimp simple vs compound interest calculator - website calculations screenshot

plus treble punitive damages for hiding fraud in bad faith = $4.53 million ($4,525,557)).

How investments are grown in an Irrevocable Trust without adverse tax consequences:

(see Investopedia Irrevocable Trust definition and video - TBD)

In an irrevocable trust, the grantor gives up the right to revise, amend or terminate the trust without the permission of the beneficiary. An irrevocable trust is best used as an estate-planning tool to transfer assets that have potential for appreciation. 

The benefit of an irrevocable trust is that the designated assets are not included in the grantor’s estate, thus reducing the grantor’s estate taxes.  The property in the irrevocable trust usually goes to a beneficiary who would have inherited the property anyway pursuant to the grantor’s will. 

John owns and runs a small hamburger restaurant, and wants to pass the business on to his son, Ben.  Currently, John's Hamburgers is small and its stock is not worth much.  John creates an irrevocable trust with Ben as the beneficiary and places $10,000 worth of John's Hamburgers stock in the trust.  Over many years, John's Hamburgers grows to become a national franchise. John has now retired and Ben runs the business.  The stock John placed in the trust is now worth $100,000,000.  When John dies, Ben receives the stock, becomes the owner and continues to run the business. 

From an estate tax standpoint, the stock will NOT be included in John's taxable estate.  Thus, there will be no taxes paid on this generational transfer.  Had the stock been included in the taxable estate, the tax bill would have been enormous, and Ben might have had to sell part or all of the business in order to pay the estate tax. 


                   g) ? letter started in Jan 2010, in response to RMS letters and harassing phone messages, but never sent...busy as began scanning documents and started www.ProBaitCourt in April 2010, in order to share large evidence documents for the investigation.

        6) Oct 8 2004 - who is this to? ck. (Police Report-Exhibit J - part of Police Report-Exhibit M3, but with page 1 of letter in front) - Danny-MofO Letter about Brian Dudley-enough anger to withdraw $800,000 in annuities because "of anger at Brian Dudley's behavior" supposedly, who Maurine "was enamored with" according to Sylvia, yet no police report after Gina robs all the Estate money? Not a peep out of Davila after complete embezzlement of Estate/Trust. Where did his sense of outrage disappear to?

        7) Aug-Sept-Oct 2004 Calendars with Events Listed - (Police Report-Exhibit K) (calendars)

        8) Mutual of Omaha Fraud Policy statements

                   a) Mutual of Omaha Fraud Policy from web

                   b) Mutual of Omaha Report Fraud page - Special Investigations Unit - screenshot

        9) 2015 - Alan's email request to MofO Fraud/Special Investigations Unit for help - (TBD)

        10) 2010 - RMS Collections on behalf of Mutual of Omaha (not scanned in yet)